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Search the term in Node Search Box on bottom. You can use regular expression here. Eg) Carcinoca.*
Add the selected nodes on Network viewer. Adding a node

Network Expanding
Right click on a node to get the related proteins, diseases and drugs. Enpanding network If there are too many related nodes, it will give you a warning message. And the result will be represented in a table format. Then select nodes in the table and add them to the network. Enpand warning

Network View
Every node on network is listed on Node Viewer. phExplorer provides two kinds of network layout;
1) Force Directed Layout
2) Vertical Lines Layout.
Force Directed Layout Vertical Lines Layout This light button displays details of nodes. Detail_Information

The result can be saved in a XML format, GIF format and SVG format.

For more details, please read phExplorer guide.